21/64 Training

21/64 is pleased to offer annual trainings for those interested in acquiring the personal skills, generational awareness and technical tools to work more effectively with next-generation funders and family enterprise clients. Held over the course of two days, the 21/64 Training is a hands-on experience, geared to a small group of professionals who want to broaden their ability to relate to family philanthropy and private wealth clients, and to help them navigate more successfully across generations. Certified consultants receive discounts on tools, client referrals and join an alumni network that provides peer support and significant ongoing professional development.

Upcoming Trainings:
October 2-3, 2017: 101 Community Foundations Training in Pittsburgh. Click here to register.
October 24-25, 2017: 101 Training in New York. Click here to register.
November 1, 2017: 201a Managing Family Dynamics. Click here to register.
November 2, 2017: 201b Talking About Money. Click here to register.

Kim Wright, Director of Philanthropic Services at The Seattle Foundation espouses:

"21/64 tools have increased my ability to dive deeper with donors and particularly families with multiple generations at the table. The training is dynamic, fresh, and very full of interactive experiences and moments for personal and professional reflection. As an organization, we have benefitted from both the 21/64 certification as well as the continued relationship with the 21/64 staff."

Ongoing Professional Development

After participants have completed our 101 training, the educational process has only just begun. You'll be a 21/64 Certified Trainer, qualified to facilitate 21/64's tools and methodology; eligible to receive discounts on 21/64 tools and client referrals; and with access to a 500+ alumni network of peers and significant ongoing professional development.

Debra Campbell, a philanthropic advisor, explains how she benefited from participating in a recent event:

“In the 21/64 training there is a huge amount of information to absorb, so the opportunity for a somewhat deeper dive [into the materials] was very useful. I especially appreciated the clarity and thoughtfulness of the presentations. I want to thank the trainers for organizing the 21/64 Tools Conference Call and the presenters for their insightful remarks.”

Embrace Your Network

In addition, 21/64 draws from its network to enable alumni to hear from some of today’s leading experts in their respective fields. 21/64 is proud to keep an open dialogue with alumni to ensure that all future events continue to satisfy their interests and needs.

  • "The 21/64 training was one of the best uses of my time and resources for my business of advising wealthy families. I have used several of the tools to help deepen the relationships I have with the families I serve. Additionally, I have found the techniques learned in the training to be very useful in the hiring and training process for new employees as well as the 'getting to know you' phase of new client relationships. I cannot recommend 21/64 enough if you are looking for new and value-added ways to serve your clients and their families in their philanthropy."

    Charlie Jordan

    Partner/Wealth Advisor, Brightworth

  • "Just off the phone with a family foundation that found me via 21/64. They have hired me to facilitate a cousin consortium meeting in March. Couldn't be happier. I utterly love this work. Thanks to you, your vision and our 21/64 community!"

    Gary Shunk

    Family Wealth Dynamics

  • "Thank you!! Your training and materials are so spot on... They are learnable and highly valuable and useful. I just left a family meeting and it went extremely well. I couldn't have scripted it better had I been asked to imagine what a great outcome would be. I asked the family part way through how they felt about the two exercises. They were all very positive about them and really enjoyed doing them."

    Lisa Morrison, Chief, Annual Development

    UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

  • "2164 has been the most positive and valuable professional development opportunity I have ever participated in. The continued added value through your posts and conference calls keeps the knowledge on the front burner and always fresh. I really appreciate you and your work."

    Heather Sherwin, VP for Development

    Central Carolina Community Foundation

  • "You have created a fabulous training for the 21/64 tools – the combination of personal and group development, learning on individual and then facilitation levels, and working with specific tools and an overall system – what a hard balance that you did extremely well. So many thanks for including me in the program!"

    Mo H. Baldwin, Owner

    Adeo Strategy Partners

  • "It was a real treat to be sequestered and pushed to think about our work practice, our views on money and how we can have an even greater impact on the philanthropic world. It was clear that you worked hard on getting the right people in the room and on the best methodology to transmit your breadth of knowledge and experience."

    Sherri Greenbach, President

    Social Dividends