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Picture Your Legacy

Picture Your Legacy is a deck of 52 colorful image cards* that guides individuals, groups, and families toward articulating a legacy—be it in business, philanthropy, or life. Images can help to stimulate this process by tapping into the right side of your brain and revealing how you aspire to be in the world. We recognize that it’s difficult to start with a blank sheet of paper and write down a vision for your legacy from scratch. How should you approach your giving and wealth planning? Do you engage the next generation(s) in the process? How? When is the right time? Use these cards to catalyze creative conversations among individuals, groups and families of any age and across generational divides. Whether you are looking to realize financial goals, develop your leadership capabilities, clarify your philanthropic aspirations or direct your professional ambitions, these images will allow you to develop language and begin articulating your mission statements, vision statements, charter letters, ethical wills and living legacies so that they will resonate today, while remaining relevant tomorrow.

*Picture Your Legacy was inspired by the Center for Creative Leadership's Visual Explorer tool


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