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Motivational Values Cards

21/64 created the Motivational Values Cards as a catalyst for engaging in meaningful conversations about what drives your decision-making process. We know that the more your decisions are aligned with your values, the more fulfilling and strategic they will be. We have revised our most popular tool — our Motivational Values Cards — where each card in the deck represents a value that drives a personal, philanthropic or financial decision. Users can prioritize cards by sorting from top to bottom those values that most motivate their decisions. Utilized with family members, the cards can serve to catalyze discussions across the generations.

This refreshed deck is more current to today’s landscape and better equipped to address the needs of your clients, donors, boards and families. We have updated the definitions of existing cards, as well as added new ones to the deck. Our new Motivational Values Cards are also made from high-quality, recycled materials and are printed here in the U.S.

Brand the Motivational Values with your organization’s logo for an upcoming event, donor or client gift or to use in your everyday practice. You can also translate the Values deck into the native language of your audience, which you can learn more about here. Contact us at to learn more.


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