What We're Reading

Topic: Strategic Philanthropy


  • Out of Focus

    Reginald Stuart, Case Currents, October 2011

    Explores the complex relationships between potential donors, development officers, and institutional recipients, particularly the ways in which a donor’s vision can be negotiated to fit an institution’s needs.

  • The Nonprofit Marketplace: Bridging the Information Gap in Philanthropy

    McKinsey and Company

    Defining and measuring nonprofit performance and impact is key to creating effective philanthropy.

  • Catalytic Philanthropy

    Mark R. Kramer, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2009

    What are the four practices of Catalytic Philanthropy and how do catalytic philanthropists use these practices in moving forward to creating meaningful social change?

  • Network Philanthropy

    Douglas McGray, Los Angeles Times, January 2007

    As the generation of philanthropies change, so do the methods of charitable giving. The practice of Network Philanthropy from the founders of EBay adapts Silicon Valley culture to the world of philanthropy.

  • Mixed Motives

    Mark R. Kramer, The American Benefactor, Winter 1998

    Understanding the different motives and implications of obligatory giving, social giving and strategic giving will help in planning your own overarching giving strategy.


  • Roles at Work by Grantcraft

    Grantmakers manage a lot of expectations about their work. Use these cards to jumpstart a conversation among colleagues about topics like how you weigh different roles, what you do too much of or not enough of, how you orient newcomers, or how you talk about the grantmaker's role with board members and leaders.

    Roles at Work