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Topic: Raising Charitable Children



  • The Adventures of Charlie Mac to the Arctic and Back

    Katie M. MacGillivray and Brittany Ryan, One World One Ocean, 2012

    This endearing children’s book follows Charles MacDoodle (“Charlie Mac”) on his adventures to the arctic and back. There, Charlie befriends polar bears, whales, caribou, and more and discovers their plight due to all the environmental changes that are caused by the warming temperatures melting arctic ice caps. Charlie returns home, determined to help and takes action within his community, speaking to the local newspaper and creating an Arctic Conservation group at school.

  • The Giving Book: Open the Door to a Lifetime of Giving

    by Ellen Sabin

    Aimed at young readers, this is a fun and interactive book that helps children think about their wishes and dreams for the world and the power of their actions to make those dreams come true.

  • The Giving Family: Raising Our Children to Help Others

    by Susan Crites Price

    Offers advice about how to teach children the value of charitable giving and encourages parents to think about the responsibility to instill a sense of altruism in their children.

  • Raising Financially Fit Kids

    by Joline Godfrey

    Designed for adults — parents, grandparents, mentors, advisors, and educators — concerned about raising children ages 5 to 18, Raising Financially Fit Kids is centered around a developmental map covering ten specific money skills each child can master by the age of 18 to become a financially secure adult.

Other Resources

  • Activities to Involve Children in the Family Foundation

    Developed by Lauren Kotkin, Family Foundation Services, January 2007

    Family foundation trustees often ask, “How do I get my children involved in philanthropy or in our family foundation?” Although there is no simple answer, there are many ways to start the conversation and open the door to their involvement. This guide contains activities geared toward children ages six to 13 that will help you present to your younger family members the meaningful work of your foundation and the importance of philanthropy.

  • FLY - Financially Literate Youth

    FLY is a whole new way to teach kids about money, the world, and making wise choices. It is the mission of FLY to empower youth to think critically and make meaningful choices around their natural, human and financial resources. FLY produces books, music, games, and educator kits to teach youth how to be financially literate. FLY recognizes that we must teach our kids to earn, save and spend, but that is not enough. We must show them how to act with integrity and be resourceful, disciplined and generous. We must teach them to FLY!

      Available tools include:
    • The Great Mountain Hike – Join Falco for an exhilarating Asian adventure in this new children's book. Learn how to meet the challenges of earning, saving, giving and spending wisely while scaling Mt. Everest.
    • The Great Mountain Hike CD – Listen to songs by the beloved characters in the Great Mountain Hike storybook. Sing-a-long to songs teaching such principles as integrity, being content with what you have, and finding love and generosity even when everyone else has given up hope.
    • FLY website – Explore FLY online with your children and play games, read stories, and listen to music that inspires us all to think more deeply about how we use and give our financial and natural resources.
  • Half Full: Science for Raising Happy Kids

    "This blog is about science-based parenting advice. I’m a sociologist and the executive director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and since I’m reading all the research related to raising happy children anyway, I thought we might as well make it USEABLE to parents. We hope this is a valuable counterpoint to some of the more opinion-based parenting advice platforms that are out there, especially because sorting out fact from fiction can be confusing when it comes to parenting."