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Topic: Generational Change


  • Younger Generations' Approach to Investing

    Paul Sullivan, The New York Times, September 2013

  • What to Tell the Children About Their Inheritance and When

    Paul Sullivan, The New York Times, July 2012

  • The Baby Boomers

    Prof. Diane J. Macunovich, Barnard College, October 2000

    The origins, socio-economic characteristics, and future projections of the Baby Boom generation.

  • Case Foundation Hosts Virtual Millennial Donor Summit

    Report on a recent conference that focused on Millennials and methods by which to engage them in the non-profit and philanthropic arena.

  • Getting the Boot

    Jerry Gleeson, Registered Rep, January 2011

  • Barclays Wealth Insights

    Barclays Wealth in conjunction with Ledbury Research, 2010

    This report, based on a survey of 2,000 wealthy individuals and separate interviews with academics, entrepreneurs, and others, explores how wealthy individuals view their profession and lifestyle as they get older, and how these attitudes are changing. In the process, the report challenges preconceived notions about ageing professionals.

  • Charitable Giving and the Millennial Generation

    The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, 2010

    Research report on the philanthropic and voluntary behaviors of the Millennial Generation.

  • What Is It About 20-Somethings?

    Robin Marantz Henig, The New York Times, August 2010

    An examination of the "Emerging Adulthood" lifestage.

  • Millennials: 'Bathed in Bits'

    Aliah D. Wright, Society for Human Resource Management, July 2010

    An interview with Don Tapscott, author of Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation Is Changing Your World, debunking some common misconceptions about Millennials.

  • Fortunately for Us, a New Generation Is Rising

    Maurice Levy, The New York Times, May 2010

    Why our survival relies on the next generation to form our values.

  • Imagining the Future of Leadership

    Bill George, Harvard Business Review, April 2010

    A leadership model that fits the next generation.

  • Boom Times for Young Workers

    Jonnelle Marte, Wall Street Journal, April 2010

    Advice for millennial workers handed new responsibilities typically reserved for employees with more work experience as companies seek ways to cut costs.

  • Debunking the Millennials' Work Ethic "Problem"

    Erika Williams, Harvard Business Review, April 2010

    Do Millennials value work ethics less than previous generations? Williams examines the reasons for this misleading perception about Millennials.

  • Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change.

    Pew Research Center Report, February 2010

    This comprehensive report examines the unique characteristics of Millennials: identity, moral values and how Millennials relate to previous generations.

  • Schott’s Vocab: Generation XD

    Ben Schott, The New York Times, January 2010

    Walt Disney Company EMEA identifies Generation XD — The youngest generation that has never known life without the Internet.

  • Millennial Predictions for the Next Decade

    Kristin Ivie, Social Citizens Blog, December 2009

    What do Millennial Generationers predict for the next decade of this millennium? Thoughts from Jason Rzepka, VP of Public Affairs at MTV, Ari Wallach, cofounder of The Great Schlep, and others.

  • Generation Recession

    Lizzy Ratner, The Nation, November 2009

    These are not happy days for America's young and striving. Young people have lost 2.5 million jobs to the crisis, making them the hardest-hit age group.

  • The Greatest Generation (of Networkers)

    Jeffrey Zaslow, Wall Street Journal, November 2009

    The social-networking revolution has created a generation of networkers provoking a host of new questions that need to be addressed in schools, in the workplace and at home.

  • There's No Place Like Home

    Joel Kotkin, NEWSWEEK, October 2009

    Fewer Americans are relocating than at any time since 1962. That's good news for families, communities...and even the environment.

  • The New Generation of Philanthropists

    Kimberly Palmer, US News and World Report, July 2009

    For a new generation of philanthropists, giving to charity isn't just about writing checks. Instead, the focus is on volunteering, socializing, and networking — while also contributing to good causes.

  • Overgeneralizing the generations

    Jamie Chamberlin, Monitor, June 2009

    As the workplace become increasingly age-diverse, ignoring intergenerational tensions can be costly and time-consuming. Psychologists research age related tension and clashes in an effort to help people of all ages work together.

  • Generation OMG

    Kate Zernike, New York Times, March 2009

    How will our youth be shaped by the current recession and what parallels can we draw from the children of the Depression?

  • The 'Trophy Kids' Go to Work

    Ron Alsop, The Wall Street Journal, October 2008

    Millennials coddled by their parents and nurtured with a strong sense of entitlement, now entering the workplace, challenge work settings with their unique expectations.

  • Potential Charity Leaders See Top Job As Unappealing, New Survey Reveals

    Jennifer C. Berkshire, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, March 2008

    The charity world is expected to require tens of thousands of new leaders within the next decade. Now a new survey shows just how difficult recruiting those executives is going to be.

  • For Many Americans, Religious Identity Is No Longer a Given

    Andrea Useem, Religion News Service, February 2007

    The experience of switching religious identities is common for many Americans. Believers are exercising their freedom of choice more than ever before.

  • The Next 20 Years: How Customer and Workforce Attitudes Will Evolve

    Neil Howe and William Strauss, Harvard Business ReviewJuly-August 2007

    Generations are among the most powerful forces in history. Tracking their march through time lends order, and even a measure of predictability, to long-term trends.

  • Survey Finds New Generational Trends in Women’s Philanthropy

    December 2007

    A study put together by the Falconer Group, an independent investment and philanthropic consulting firm that measures success via the “triple bottom line” of financial return, social responsibility and long-term sustainability.

  • Young Nonprofit Professionals: Preparing the Path for Leadership

    Emily Davis

    A report on the challenges among the generations within the nonprofit sector. As Boomer executives retire, young nonprofit professionals are excited about preparing for leadership roles, but find resistance. The report contains a literature review and results from a national survey of 172 young nonprofit professionals that guide strategies and recommendations that nonprofit leaders, board, executives, and staff can use in preparing for the upcoming transition.

  • The 2006 Millennial Cause Study

    Cone Inc. in collaboration with AMP Insights

    This study presents the findings of an online survey capturing the opinions, perceptions, and beliefs of today's teens, college students, and young adults.

  • Passing the Torch

    Pamela David, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Spring 2006

    The inevitable generation shift is an opportunity to address some of the critical weaknesses of the non-profit sector.

  • Up Next: Generation Change and the Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations

    Frances Kunreuther, 2005

    Examines issues relating to executive leadership transitions between generations, specifically in the non-profit sector. Kunreuther looks at specific foundations and how they have managed the transition, and applies findings from intergenerational studies.


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  • New generation of bosses

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