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Topic: Family Philanthropy



  • Classified: How To Stop Hiding Your Privilege and Use It For Social Change

    by Karen Pittelman & Resource Generation, Soft Skull Press, 2005

    Illustrations by Molly Hein

    Afraid of being branded the enemy, most young people with wealth who believe in social change keep their privilege hidden. As a result, they are unable to bring their much-needed resources, access, and connections to the struggle for justice. Classified is a guide for all those who are tired of the cover-ups and want to learn how to put their privilege to work.

  • Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy: The Next Generation

    by Alison Goldberg, Karen Pittelman, & Resource Generation, Soft Skull Press, 2007

    Many families are looking for ways to engage the "next generation" in philanthropy. But for next generation members, getting involved raises complicated questions. How can they bring their values to the table? How can they move more resources to social justice? Complete with personal stories and exercises, this guide gives young people the tools they need to not just participate, but help transform the field itself.

  • Money and Meaning: New Ways to Have Conversations About Money with Your Clients

    by Judith Stern Peck, Wiley, 2007

    Provides a framework and approach for understanding the role money plays in health, wellness and resolving conflict in an individual or family's life. Filled with case vignettes, Money and Meaning helps open the door to thoughtful conversations that explore money's multiple meanings.

  • Wealth in Families

    by Charles W. Collier, Harvard University, 2007

    A call to families to think deeply about the fundamental questions surrounding wealth and its effect on a family, offering ways in which to plan and act with regard to both wealth and family.