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Who We Are

21/64 is a non-profit practice specializing in next generation and multigenerational engagement in philanthropy and family enterprise. As families engage the next generation in their foundations, donor advised funds, and other forms of family enterprise, there is an increasing need for clarity, communication and multigenerational collaboration. 21/64 offers coaching and peer networks for next generation funders, consulting services for multigenerational families, foundations and family offices, as well as speaking engagements and training for institutions striving to engage the next generation of their clients. All facilitations include 21/64’s uniquely-developed resource tools to assist individuals, families and advisors during these times of generational transition.

What We Do

21/64 works with individuals, families, next-generation funders, and advisors to families through four hands-on approaches:

Consults with families, foundations, and federations in customized settings with our uniquely developed tools to facilitate the process of next-generation or multigenerational education, cooperation, and communication.

Convenes networks of next generation family members who explore their legacies, values, and philanthropic identities alongside peers with similar backgrounds and experiences.

Trains advisors to families who are interested in acquiring the personal skills, generational awareness, and technical tools to work more effectively with next-generation earners and inheritors as well as multigenerational family enterprise clients.

Communicates through research reports, articles and speaking engagements the generational realities we discover in our work with next generation earners and inheritors and their families.

21/64 Means Multigenerational

Many people have asked us what 21/64 means. The name is a symbol of our multigenerational approach to family collaboration. "21" symbolizes the time when young people come of age, and "64" an age typically associated with people thinking about their legacies. "21/64" describes the approach we take to helping multi-generational families work together. The numbers are not meant to be exclusive of people older or younger, rather inclusive of the four generations above the age of 21 in American society today.

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  • "21/64 facilitated a thoughtful, energetic and insightful conversation among many of our family foundations about engaging the next generation. Participants left better informed about generational perspectives as it relates to philanthropy and a checklist of ideas for encouraging participation among young family members. I’d recommend this as a program for other regional associations of grantmakers."

    Betsy Nelson

    Executive Director of the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers